Cannabis Strain

Berry White Strain

Berry White is a hybrid of Blueberry and White Widow, indica and hybrid strains, respectively. As such, expect sweet hints of blueberry as well as some of the earthy, flowery notes from White Widow. This one-two combination punch of epic strains may just be your new favorite — Blueberry was a High Times’ winner of Best Indica in the 2000 Cannabis Cup and White Widow is amongst the Netherlands most popular strains.

Perhaps more interesting than the story of the strains that came together to make this prized hybrid are the feelings and sensations you’ll get once you consume it. Berry White is well-known for its intense feelings of euphoria, immediately placing its users in a happy, uplifting mood and an enjoyable sense of relaxation. Bursts of creativity are also well documented when smoking Berry White.

Flavor & Aroma

Berry, blueberry, and hints of sweetness make up the flavors of this strain. The smell profile is similar, with notes of pine and subtle sour hints.


Medical Qualities

Medical qualities from each strain are demonstrated by anectodal evidence as well as terpene and cannabinoid contents.