Nov 16
Michigan Man, Michael Thompson, Seeks Parole After Decades In Prison For Nonviolent Pot Offense

Michael Thompson, 87, has been in prison since 1994 for a cannabis offense—even though…

Nov 16
Montana Gets Ready to License the Recreational Cannabis Industry

Montana officials are making plans for the future of legal cannabis in their state.

Nov 13
NJ Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana, Reduce Penalties On Magic Mushrooms Advances

Will New Jersey be the next state to loosen their stance on psilocybin?

Nov 13
New Study Warns CBD May Yield Positive THC Test Results

Does this new study have broader implications?

Nov 13
When is The Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil?

CBD oil has numerous benefits and an abundance of ways to administer it for its…

Nov 13
Israel Announced Intentions To Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Israel seems to be poised to legalize recreational cannabis.

Nov 12
Study Finds Cannabis Extracts Relieve Burning Mouth Syndrome Symptoms

Recent research finds that cannabis oil helps alleviate the pain from Burning Mouth…

Nov 12
Atlantic City Trying To Get Exclusive Cannabis Retail Rights In NJ

The mayor of Atlantic City wants the city to be the only place in New Jersey where you…

Nov 12
Illinois Plan to Offer New Dispensary Licenses

If the plan is approved, it could as much as double the number of shops that exist so far.

Nov 11
Governor of Nebraska Weighs In On Legalized Cannabis in South Dakota

Governor Pete Ricketts is unwavering in his opposition to cannabis.